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What is a KIK Messenger

The probable reason why you have landed on this page is because you to know completely about Kik Messenger and how can it be downloaded for the needs of PC! Alright, Alright! I’m going to enlighten you up about the whole thing of Kik Messenger. I’m sure you’re going to use the Kik for PC to the next level of usage.

Let me get you to the back story of the messenger. Kik Messenger was founded in 2009 by a couple of Canadians at the University of Waterloo. They intitally launched Kik Messenger in the month of October in 2010 and it quickly grew up to the 100K users within a span of fifteen days. That was the start for the growth of the app and it kept on growing and now it has around 120 million users with tens of million dollars as capital venture funding. Right now, Kik is only available for iPhone, Android devices and for Windows Phones.

The best thing about the services provided by the app is that they all allow the users to send a text, message, picture, voice and video recording to your friend or family or spouse, or girlfriend, or boyfriend and it’s all for free of cost. And they use your internet data instead of the standard messages services by the network provider. Thus helping the users you can message anyone as often as you want and stay away from the annoying overage fee for local and international text fee. Isn’t it sounding awesome? Now let’s talk about the features!

 KIK Messenger for PC

  • As mentioned above. Kik allows you to send messages to anyone and anyplace. Here are some of the additional features added.
  • A feature of Kik allows the users to send and receive the text messages, images, videos, websites, sketches and such content all within the application.
  • Kik has a lot of importance to the privacy of the users. It creates a username to access the account, but the mobile phone number hence helping the users hiding the identity.
  • You can make a group chat with people on messenger within the web browser and the profile can be shared with many social media platforms.

How to Download Kik Messenger for PC

Okay. Now let’s come to the main part of downloading Kik Messenger for PC. But before that, unfortunately, Kik has not created a version for desktop or for that matter, there is no online version for Kik. But, there is a tool called Android emulator that allos you with a trick to download the Kik messenger to work on your computer. You need to install and Android emulator for this before. Here are the steps:

  1. So, first complete the download of the emulator to run Kik by clicking on download.
  2. Click on the Andyroid icon after the download and start the process of installation. It takes certain steps, just make sure that you won’t skip anything in that process.
  3. You’ll see a screen after the download of the emulator which is similar to that of an Android tablet screen.
  4. Now click on the Google Play icon at the bottom right where you will be prompted to login into your account of Google Play. In case, you have already downloaded Kik, it might synchronize all the apps and you don’t have to do it manually.
  5. Once the downloading of Kik is completed, you have to double click on the app and start using it immediately.

That’s all! Now you can use the application being from home comfortably!

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