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Best UHD 4K TVs 2015

TV having 1080p display is forgotten story. Now Ultra HD technology is ruling over TV industry. TV manufactures have geared up to make UHD 4K display TVs to allow the best softwares like iMovie PC run smoothly. With 4K display, user experience of display will be much sharper and detailed than 1080p display.

Users are wondering if they have UHD 4K TVs, whether there gonna be content available for 4K resolution. Good news is that TV shows and movies are getting ready for use on 4K display. Even Samsung is offering content packed with its 4K TV for users. NetFlix is also setting up for delivering shows on UHD 4K display.

Frankly speaking, technologies like Quantum dot and OLED are offering picture quality that cannot be matched with even 8.3 million pixels. There is a whole lot more to UHD.

I have listed down best UHD TV you can get in 2015 for 4K display.

 Samsung UE65JS9500:


This is the latest model of Samsung’s TV series. With this model, Samsung has given leverage to the brightness and color quality of the TV. This TV is built specially for running HDR content. This TV is absolute choice for running currently available HDR content. The only problem with this TV is its price. I am afraid most of the users are not convinced with its price.  Although this TV provides best and ground breaking picture experience, it is super expensive. People give second thought while buying this TV due to its high price.

 LG 65EC970V:


LG 65EC970V is the dream come true for any person who loves home theatres. LG has lift up picture quality of its TV range with LG 65EC970V. LG 65EC970V is the perfect combo of OLED and 4K UHD resolution. Users are extremely happy with more detailed and natural looking display of LG 65EC970V.

This smart TV runs on webOS. Although technology used in this TV is cutting edge, but it is pretty much easy to use.

But yeah like Samsung UE65JS9500, this smart TV is super expensive. You have to get 6 grand spare for experiencing 4K UHD display on this smart TV.

 Sony KD-75X9405C:


This is the most powerful and advanced smart TV presented by Sony. Sony has a reputation for its cutting edge hardware. This TV has best speakers on both sides. To be honest, this TV provides best sound experience.

Well this smart TV runs on Android and has LED screen, which is not enough to convince that Song KD is future smart TV. The only unique thing about this TV is 4K resolution and speakers placed on both sides.

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