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3 Vidmate Features that are Rare to find elsewhere

Vidmate is this amazing free app that lets you make a lot of merry. the app is essentially a video downloader, but there is so much more the app has to offer. There are so many unusual options available with this app. And they're not auxiliary features either; they're 100% optimised for ideal performance. Let's talk about 3 such features:

  1. Live TV watching:
    You're never missing your favorite TV episode ever again! The TV serials that are broadcasted on your TV are all broadcasted via the app too. Not close to your TV? not to worry! All you need is a Smartphone, the Vidmate app and a decent internet connection. You can enjoy your favorite TV serials on the go! Ideal for when you're travelling, might I say.
  2. Meme Making:
    Memes are all the rage these days. There is no limit to what people can do with this app, don't you think? All you need to make a meme is a funny photo and the Vidmate app. Once you upload the pic to the app, you can add text above and below to make a really funny meme your social media friends and followers are going to love.
  3. Music Downloading:
    There's hardly any app in the market that offers proper video downloading functionality and audio downloading at the same time. But Vidmate is different. Vidmate makes it a lot easier to browse songs, albums, genres and artists than on the web in general. Even Youtube cannot manage the sort of efficiency! You can download the relevant file on your own and also keep it marked as favorite to download later! which other app offers this? None, I believe.

This is what is wonderful about the app. There is so much to offer in that small sized file! In fact, it took me a while to visit all the features of the app, because there were so many on offer. I just cannot recommend Vidmate apk enough

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