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5 Great movie streaming apps

Watching movies and videos on your smartphone without wasting your internet allowance is the best situation you can be in.There are people who love to watch unlimited movies on their small screens. There are some video streaming applications available for them.

There are few video streaming applications which allow you to watch and download videos and movies for free. You can undoubtedly download videos, movies and songs on your smartphone as well as on PC. Some of these apps are not available on Google Play Store or any other app store. Interested users can download them from their official websites. There are a variety of websites who provide you Apk links of these applications like uptodown, 9apps, apkmirror, Mobango and many more.

Let’s list down the Top 5 movie streaming applications for smartphones and PC.

  1. SnapTube

    SnapTube YouTube video downloader is an application that enables you to download movies and video for free. Comparing with others SnapTube proves to be the best video streaming app till now. It carries some amazing features like converting Mp4 files to Mp3, Downloading videos and movies in different resolutions, save files as per your convenience and pause or resume your downloading process. These are only a few basic features of SnapTube, it would be better if you download and experience the app by yourself!

  2. TubeMate

    TubeMate is yet another app that puts you on edge with its incredible features like connecting your phone to Chromecast to run the video or movie on your big screen, convert Mp4 to Mp3 files, Share your favorite video links with your friends and family on various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram and many more to go. Well, for better speed, a good internet connection would be a treat!

  3. CinemaBox HD

    CinemaBox HD is a powerful application for streaming unlimited videos and movies. CinemaBox HD also known as PlayBox HD works as an entertainment package for your entire day. There is a collection of thousands of movies and latest videos. This means your entertainment can go on for  months without any speed breakers. Its user interface is an attraction for customers. The search option works amazingly well for your fingers. You can search for videos by their keywords. Again you can connect this application to Chromecast to display videos and movies on television.

  4. Videoder

    Videoder video downloading application has all the basic features of a video streaming app. It runs smoothly on your phone. It does have a very good collection to explore. It directly can stream videos from YouTube and other sites. There are some hangups like advertisements and crash noticed by users till now. Videoder team is working on this. But this should not deter you from downloading and experiencing this app.

  5. VidMate

    VidMate is more than an video streaming application for your phone. Why I am saying this is because it will provide you more than any other application. VidMate enables you to download songs, videos and movies on your phone as well as play variety of games and stickers to download. It is the best video streaming application due to its speed and HD quality. These were some basic features of VidMate, to know more you need to download this app right away!



    These were the top 5 video streaming application that you were looking for. They all are worth downloading. Please do let us know your experience with these apps. We would love to read them. Thank you!

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Download Playview APK File for Android Smartphone

Torrents and DVDs are now a thing of past now. Nobody’s got time to wait hours and hours for a movie to get downloaded. Also, in this internet era, none of us is going to waste a penny on buying movies and TV series when you have applications like Playview. With having Playview installed in your device, you can carry a whole theatre with you wherever you go.  Be it an isolated desert or be it some icy mountain, you won’t miss any of your shows or movies if you’ve got this application in your android smartphone.

Playview has revolutionized the way we watched movies and TV Shows. You now won’t have to sit in front of you TV screens at a specific time waiting for your movie/show to begin. You can literally watch them any time you want. With a wide range of videos and movies, this application assures that you won’t ever be bored.

 Download Playview APK

Playview for some reasons is no more available in the Playstore now, but you can still enjoy the application by downloading its apk in your device.
Here’s how you can download its apk

  1. Open your browser and go to Google.
  2. In the search bar, type ‘Playview apk download’ and hit enter.
  3. You’ll now have a lot of search results, go for whichever site you want to.
  4. Now, download the apk.
  5. After the download has been finished, go to downloads or check your notification bar and click on the apk file.
  6. Now, a window will pop up asking you to install it. Click on install and wait for few seconds
  7. After the application has been finished, you can enjoy unlimited streaming of movies and tv shows.

So this was how you can download Playview application on your android device even if the application doesn’t exist in Playstore anymore. The application is soon expected to come back to the Playstore. For downloading it through Playstore, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open Playstore.
  2. In the search bar, enter ‘Playview’.
  3. Now, after you find the application, click on it and then click on install.
  4. Now, click on next, again next and then install.
  5. Wait for the application to be installed and enjoy movies and shows after it has been installed.

There isn’t any official statement about the application coming back to Playstore, it is just rumoured to be back soon.

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Snapchat New features 2016

Latest ones!

Snapchat is one application that made people realize that they really needed it. It’s one of the best apps so far, especially for selfies, editing, video chatting, filters, lenses, special events and much more. Like every app, Snapchat has this quality to update their application every year without fail. I am going to share some awesome features and improvements done by Snapchat this year. So, let’s go for it :-

  1. Automatic story loading


Snapchat story telling experience has been improved now. Of course there is no transformation in their quality, I am sorry for that ! Now users can watch all the stories one after another, without going back to the home screen and tapping them individually. I am sure the Snapchat users can understand what I am trying to say. So, for instance, You are watching a story on snapchat. When it ends, you automatically can watch the other one. Therefore, you don’t have to go back to the previous screen and tap the other one. Isn’t this easy enough?

  1. Improvement in Video Calling

Video calling was a pain for snapchatters, I am sure they can relate to what I am trying to say…  In snapchat, video calling was possible only if you were already chatting to them, that means, that if I want to talk to chat with my friend via video calling, I have to write them messages and then only I can talk to them face to face. How stupid!

Now, there is a slight change. Video calling can be done anytime with anyone, I don’t have to write extra messages to my friends before video calling. Second improvement is that, Snapchat allows you to multitask at the same time - Users can share pictures and stories while on video calling as well as you can talk to more than one person at a time. This is a blessing in disguise. What do you think ?

  1. New stickers - Yepi

Well, you would be thinking “we already have stickers on Snapchat, what’s new to it ?  So, let me tell you that when you open stickers and slide below. You can find categories upon categories. Well, there are over 200 new stickers added to it.  Now, you all can share them to express your feelings without words. And, yes, please keep an eye on them. I am sure you are going to find some more stickers soon.

  1. Geofilters - on demand

Community filters allow users to submit custom designed geofilters which work according to your location. They work for free, therefore, you can share your location with your friends from anywhere. For instance, you are sitting in America, you can share a community filter of america with a photo attached, but you cannot add any other country to it. Whereas, On demand Geofilters allow users to promote their business all over the world by just paying $5 for every Half an hour. Now, users are not tied with any location issue. You can share any tag, anytime from anywhere. Though, this seems like a small change, if you see it by a businessman’s perspective, it’s a huge change, especially for promotional companies.

  1. Face swapping

There is a new feature added to Snapchat .i.e. Face swap. Users can swap  faces with the friend or a doll sitting near them. Of course, their face should also be visible on the screen!

I am going to share the steps through which you can use these features very easily :-

Step 1 - Grab a friend, doll or who ever is close to you. Open snapchat.

Step 2 - Click a selfie, you know how to do that !

Step 3 - Tap and hold the face on screen till the time the camera recognizes it. You will see new option coming below.

Step 4 - Select the swap circle and fit your faces into the smiley.

Step 5 - Now, you will see that how smoothly the swap is already done. Believe me, it happens in almost no time!

I hope I was able to convey all new features that you should be knowing about Snapchat. For any queries or suggestions, please feel free to write your comments below. Thank you!

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3 Vidmate Features that are Rare to find elsewhere

Vidmate is this amazing free app that lets you make a lot of merry. the app is essentially a video downloader, but there is so much more the app has to offer. There are so many unusual options available with this app. And they're not auxiliary features either; they're 100% optimised for ideal performance. Let's talk about 3 such features:

  1. Live TV watching:
    You're never missing your favorite TV episode ever again! The TV serials that are broadcasted on your TV are all broadcasted via the app too. Not close to your TV? not to worry! All you need is a Smartphone, the Vidmate app and a decent internet connection. You can enjoy your favorite TV serials on the go! Ideal for when you're travelling, might I say.
  2. Meme Making:
    Memes are all the rage these days. There is no limit to what people can do with this app, don't you think? All you need to make a meme is a funny photo and the Vidmate app. Once you upload the pic to the app, you can add text above and below to make a really funny meme your social media friends and followers are going to love.
  3. Music Downloading:
    There's hardly any app in the market that offers proper video downloading functionality and audio downloading at the same time. But Vidmate is different. Vidmate makes it a lot easier to browse songs, albums, genres and artists than on the web in general. Even Youtube cannot manage the sort of efficiency! You can download the relevant file on your own and also keep it marked as favorite to download later! which other app offers this? None, I believe.

This is what is wonderful about the app. There is so much to offer in that small sized file! In fact, it took me a while to visit all the features of the app, because there were so many on offer. I just cannot recommend Vidmate apk enough

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What is a KIK Messenger

The probable reason why you have landed on this page is because you to know completely about Kik Messenger and how can it be downloaded for the needs of PC! Alright, Alright! I’m going to enlighten you up about the whole thing of Kik Messenger. I’m sure you’re going to use the Kik for PC to the next level of usage.

Let me get you to the back story of the messenger. Kik Messenger was founded in 2009 by a couple of Canadians at the University of Waterloo. They intitally launched Kik Messenger in the month of October in 2010 and it quickly grew up to the 100K users within a span of fifteen days. That was the start for the growth of the app and it kept on growing and now it has around 120 million users with tens of million dollars as capital venture funding. Right now, Kik is only available for iPhone, Android devices and for Windows Phones.

The best thing about the services provided by the app is that they all allow the users to send a text, message, picture, voice and video recording to your friend or family or spouse, or girlfriend, or boyfriend and it’s all for free of cost. And they use your internet data instead of the standard messages services by the network provider. Thus helping the users you can message anyone as often as you want and stay away from the annoying overage fee for local and international text fee. Isn’t it sounding awesome? Now let’s talk about the features!

 KIK Messenger for PC

  • As mentioned above. Kik allows you to send messages to anyone and anyplace. Here are some of the additional features added.
  • A feature of Kik allows the users to send and receive the text messages, images, videos, websites, sketches and such content all within the application.
  • Kik has a lot of importance to the privacy of the users. It creates a username to access the account, but the mobile phone number hence helping the users hiding the identity.
  • You can make a group chat with people on messenger within the web browser and the profile can be shared with many social media platforms.

How to Download Kik Messenger for PC

Okay. Now let’s come to the main part of downloading Kik Messenger for PC. But before that, unfortunately, Kik has not created a version for desktop or for that matter, there is no online version for Kik. But, there is a tool called Android emulator that allos you with a trick to download the Kik messenger to work on your computer. You need to install and Android emulator for this before. Here are the steps:

  1. So, first complete the download of the emulator to run Kik by clicking on download.
  2. Click on the Andyroid icon after the download and start the process of installation. It takes certain steps, just make sure that you won’t skip anything in that process.
  3. You’ll see a screen after the download of the emulator which is similar to that of an Android tablet screen.
  4. Now click on the Google Play icon at the bottom right where you will be prompted to login into your account of Google Play. In case, you have already downloaded Kik, it might synchronize all the apps and you don’t have to do it manually.
  5. Once the downloading of Kik is completed, you have to double click on the app and start using it immediately.

That’s all! Now you can use the application being from home comfortably!

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How to Login to KIK Messenger Online

KIK is undoubtedly the the most popular instant messaging app and its users are increasing at the speed of light. It has reached to 200 million users till this january. It is already ranking at 7th in the list of top chatting applications. It is also one of the toughest competitors for WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, which are the most used instant messaging apps. Kik offers a vast number of features, apart from the regular ones that every messaging app does. However, its most unique feature that sets it apart from others is its traditional use of username for user identity instead of mobile numbers.

This protects your mobile number from going into wrong hands. Moreover, Kik never accesses your contact list unless it is asked to. The permissions required by Kik are minimally invasive and they provide more user security than any other apps. Thus, the aforementioned is unquestionable that Kik Messenger is so popular among the younger generations.

However, unlike WhatsApp, the online version of Kik Messenger has not been introduced yet. WhatsApp Web, is the online version of WhatsApp, wherein a user can log onto the WhatsApp Web site and scan the barcode on their phone. Once the barcode is registered, they can start using WhatsApp on their laptops or computers. This makes it easier to toggle between work and chatting. Also, if an important discussion is happening over chat, you can keep up with it without your phone too. Thus, online versions of messaging apps are really important. Since an official Kik Messenger Online is not available yet, users need to find an alternate way to do so. Given below is a complete tutorial on how to login with Kik online:

  1. Download an Android emulator on your laptop or PC. An Android emulator is a software that creates a virtual android system on your device to allow you to start using android applications.
  2. Bluestacks is a good and popular android emulator and can be downloaded from Google for free.
  3. Once the emulator is downloaded, install it on your lapotop/PC.
  4. Run Bluestacks on your computer. In the search box displayed on the screen, type 'Kik Messenger' and download the application.
  5. Install the downloaded messenger file by following the instructions given on the screen.
  6. Once it is installed, you are now ready to use Kik Messenger online. Enter your existing username and password to continue using Kik on your PC or laptop.

If you face any problem with downloading Kik for PC from Bluestacks, you can follow the alternate method as given below:

  1. Download and install Bluestacks on your laptop/PC.
  2. In Google, type 'KikMessenger.apk', i.e. download the file with the extension .apk.
  3. Once the file is downloaded, open it by double clicking on it. The file will open directly on Bluestacks.
  4. Install it by following the instructions on the screen.
  5. Kik Messenger is now ready to be used on your PC/laptop, anytime you like.

Thus, installing and using Kik Messenger online is really simple and very useful.

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KIK Login online without downloading it for PC

Today I am going to share an awesome trick with you. First tell me, are you a fan of KIK? Do you know how to use it on PC. I bet you know. But let me ask you one more question, do you know how to KIK login online without downloading it for PC? I again bet, you don’t know.

In this post, I am here to teach how to use or favorite messenger online without downloading it on PC. Hmm! It seems interesting, but sounds extremely difficult. Some of you may think this is impossible. But let me be clear, it is absolutely possible. There are some tweaks and tricks which needed to use this software without downloading on PC.

Patience! Patience! I will explain this fact in detail. But first we should check KIK in detail.

KIK is the top most messenger in the market. From first day, it has won the heart of millions. I still remember, in the year 2009 it was introduced. Within two weeks, it was leading application with one million users. Now, over 210 million users have registered fro this application.


Here are premium features for KIK:

  • It is a popular application due to simple and elegant interface. Users always appreciate about its easy to use interface. You must check this out.
  • You can send various types of messages using KIK. For example, images, texts, videos, music files and much more.
  • With email and SMS, you can invite your friends and family to use KIK.
  • You must register for KIK in order to use this application.
  • The amazing fact about KIK is that you can surf net within the application.
  • It offers a feature of notifications for sending, reading and delivering.
  • It is an open source application.

 KIK Login with No PC Download

Here are the simple steps to follow:

  • IT is clear, we don’t have to install the Android emulator on PC.
  • You must have heard about the online Android emulator.
  • You need to go to the official website of Manymo emulator.
  • You must register for Manymo for using the features.
  • Download the “KIK” APK from Play Store.
  • Now login to Manymo. Choose the emulator.
  • Now click on “Launch with: App”.
  • Upload the KIK APK.
  • Once KIK has started, enter your KIK credentials and start chatting!
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Download Showbox For PC

By now, you must be quite familiar about apps like Showbox. For all those who are yet to know, Showbox is an app which allows you watch movies and TV shows. Thogh the updated version seems to have some problems, but they can easily be fixed. Showbox is an application which is yet to be fully spread in the Android market.  Search options are available and it is almost an error free process. There are others like Moviebox serving the same purpose too!

However, restricting the application to just android isn’t a good idea, isn’t it? After all, movies and shows are meant for the larger screen. So, if you wish to have the application on your PC’s, you need to follow this articles closely. Follow the steps stated and you will be all set to start off using Showbox on your Windows!

 Features of Showbox

  • Watch TV shows and movies online completely free.
  • Less number of those bugging ads.
  • Content is updated regularly.
  • You get recommendations based on your search patterns

 Download Showbox for Windows

Before you begin with the steps meant for downloading the app, there is an requirement to be fulfilled. You need to download a freeware, and emulator that is to let you make the android application work on your PC’s.
BlueStacks is the Android emulator that is required for the download. It is free and is of a minimal size, hence it can possible cause no harm to your PC’s. Once you have downloaded Bluestacks, make sure tp finish with the installation process.

Another requirement before you begin with the download is the fact that an Apk file has to be downloaded which will be later used in BlueStakcs to proceed with the download.

Here learn how to Download Showbox for PC in easy steps:

To install Showbox:

  • Run the file (Apk) with BlueStakcs.
  • Wait for the installation to finally begin using BlueStakcs on your PC’s.

Using Showbox:

  • Once the application has been installed, go to the all apps in BlueStakcs.
  • Open Showbox on your PC.
  • Select the movie and begin Streaming.

That is it. With technology and intelligence, everything has become really easy and simple, isn’t it? After all, not everything that is meant for Android should be restricted to only that! *winks*

This was all on how to download and install Showbox on your PC’s. Hope it was of sufficient help to you. You can always ask for any sort of queries. Happy streaming!

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Viber for PC

Viber is one the most emerging apps these days and offer free calling and messaging to anyone anywhere, the app already has 516 million users who interact with each other, text each other, make voice and video calls and share multimedia content as well.

The app is doing very well when it comes to video calling, the app detect all Viber users from contact list and auto generate a Viber user list from your contact list so it is easier for you to contact and communicate with them. The app has many strong rivals which include big guns like WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, Hike, Skype and many more with similar or better features, the app is free for the users and generates a new id for everyone which is your phone number.

 Features of Viber App

There are many good features which this app can offer some of them are messaging, HD sound quality voice and video calling, group chats with emoticons and stickers which are really interesting, visible public chats and enjoying games with viber cartoons. The app offers distinct features like android wear support which helps in sending messages using smart watches.

 PC use of Viber

Once you install Viber app in your desktop/pc you will be able to view good user interface and clarity and will be able to text friends even when on work without using your mobile phone.

 Download Viber on PC

Downloading Viber on PC is easy and can be done with few steps which will require few minutes and then you can enjoy Viber on pc.

Step 1) Download Bluestacks for PC/Laptop which can be found here.

Note: We are Bluestacks as the android emulator this time as it the most commonly used android emulator in the market. You can use any of other emulators as well, some good ones are Youwave, Genemotion or Andyroid.

Step 2) Install and run Bluestacks.

Step 3) Login with your Gmail account.

Step 4) Search for Viber in search box.

Step 5) Install and run Viber.

If you have followed the above steps correctly there would be no problem for you install Viber on PC.

 Download Viber on MAC

You can install Viber on your Mac in two different ways,

Method 1)

Just download the Viber setup from official Viber site here and install the setup which would install Viber application on your Mac.

Method 2)

This method requires Bluestacks.

Step 1) Download Bluestack for Mac.

Step 2) Install and run Bluestack.

Step 3) Login with gmail account.

Step 4) Search Viber in search bar.

Step 5) Install and Enjoy Viber.

Thus you can install Viber on your Mac/Laptop/PC with ease and enjoy the various features offered by the application.

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Best UHD 4K TVs 2015

TV having 1080p display is forgotten story. Now Ultra HD technology is ruling over TV industry. TV manufactures have geared up to make UHD 4K display TVs to allow the best softwares like iMovie PC run smoothly. With 4K display, user experience of display will be much sharper and detailed than 1080p display.

Users are wondering if they have UHD 4K TVs, whether there gonna be content available for 4K resolution. Good news is that TV shows and movies are getting ready for use on 4K display. Even Samsung is offering content packed with its 4K TV for users. NetFlix is also setting up for delivering shows on UHD 4K display.

Frankly speaking, technologies like Quantum dot and OLED are offering picture quality that cannot be matched with even 8.3 million pixels. There is a whole lot more to UHD.

I have listed down best UHD TV you can get in 2015 for 4K display.

 Samsung UE65JS9500:


This is the latest model of Samsung’s TV series. With this model, Samsung has given leverage to the brightness and color quality of the TV. This TV is built specially for running HDR content. This TV is absolute choice for running currently available HDR content. The only problem with this TV is its price. I am afraid most of the users are not convinced with its price.  Although this TV provides best and ground breaking picture experience, it is super expensive. People give second thought while buying this TV due to its high price.

 LG 65EC970V:


LG 65EC970V is the dream come true for any person who loves home theatres. LG has lift up picture quality of its TV range with LG 65EC970V. LG 65EC970V is the perfect combo of OLED and 4K UHD resolution. Users are extremely happy with more detailed and natural looking display of LG 65EC970V.

This smart TV runs on webOS. Although technology used in this TV is cutting edge, but it is pretty much easy to use.

But yeah like Samsung UE65JS9500, this smart TV is super expensive. You have to get 6 grand spare for experiencing 4K UHD display on this smart TV.

 Sony KD-75X9405C:


This is the most powerful and advanced smart TV presented by Sony. Sony has a reputation for its cutting edge hardware. This TV has best speakers on both sides. To be honest, this TV provides best sound experience.

Well this smart TV runs on Android and has LED screen, which is not enough to convince that Song KD is future smart TV. The only unique thing about this TV is 4K resolution and speakers placed on both sides.

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